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We here at ChemClean have been continuously operating in Bullhead City, Laughlin and surrounding areas since 1992. Which makes us one of the longest running carpet cleaning businesses in the area. We have seen large amounts of fly by night and unscrupulous carpet cleaning businesses come and go throughout the year. When you see us, ask for some stories for a laugh.

Our mission is to provide our customers with a healthy indoor environment by removing many of the indoor contaminants. This includes dirt, grime, odors and irritants that trigger allergic reactions. Throughout our history we have developed superior technology and processes with one goal in mind – a healthy indoor environment!We are the choice for many homeowners, realtors and businesses. Why do so many individuals choose us for their cleaning needs?

5 Reasons why we are the best choice for cleaning fine homes in Bullhead City, Laughlin and Fort Mohave valley.

1. Owner operated, owner will be on the job insuring all work in complete at the highest level.

2. We steam clean at higher temperature than all of our other competition. Hotter = Cleaner

3. We use double the water of our competition to flush contaminants out more effectively. More Water = Deeper Clean

4. We have the largest vacuum blower in the industry with the capability of running extremely long hose runs and still getting your carpet dryer faster than all of our other competition. More Vacuum = Faster Drying

5. We are not a nationwide franchise that send off large fees for advertisements to the main office. Less Overhead for Us = More Savings for You

All of the above reasons add up to longer lasting clean and the healthiest indoor environment possible.

Most people clean their homes on a regular basis, so it is not surprising that most people do not think about using a professional cleaning service. However, for a second think about these common cleaning complaints. You know that one spot that you have been scrubbing forever that won’t come out? Or maybe it’s that grout in the bathroom tile that is making the entire bathtub look worn? Or maybe the fact that your carpet looks dull and it’s only two years old. Whether all of these situations sound familiar or you have a similar problem it is time to call in Chem Clean to help you out. Chem Clean is a professional cleaning service and they offer services for your home that will solve all of these problems and more.

The reason that Chem Clean can refresh your carpets so that they look brand new or get that annoying spot off your tile or carpeting is the fact that they have industrial powered cleaning solutions. The type of cleansing that they can offer is 10X the type of cleaning solution that you manage on your own. In addition, Chem Clean has the exact tools that are needed to make anything in your home look crystal clean again. If the idea of spending money on new upholstery, carpeting, or tiling has you stressed out give Chem Clean a call and watch them restore the beauty and freshness of your home in just a few hours.

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